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The computing applications used in semiconductor design and manufacturing have ever-increasing requirements for speed, accuracy and reliability. CPU-only solutions have limited scaling options. GPU acceleration offers the needed boost to semiconductor manufacturing applications. Just as importantly, GPU acceleration opens up the opportunity to provide differentiation for your semiconductor manufacturing equipment through software solutions that add value for your customers.


  • Offers software-based differentiation for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Enables real-time, inline processing of image-based data
  • Comprises an off-the-shelf solution: custom ASICs and FPGAs are not required
  • Provides solutions that ease migration to new generations of equipment
  • Avoid reimplementation and re-certification
  • Spend engineering resources for enhancements and additional solutions
  • Costs less to create, has lower cost of ownership than custom-hardware solutions

D2S CDP offers lower cost of ownership

To realize the >10X acceleration potential of GPU-based computing, you must understand when to deploy GPUs and when to use CPUs. The D2S CDP combines the strengths of each to achieve optimal overall performance.

Economics also play a part. The D2S CDP offers a cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution that is less expensive to build, and to own (including power consumption and space requirements, and repairs).

The table below shows a comparison of the D2S CDP solution with a new-generation CPU-only configuration. The D2S balanced computing solution has better performance/$ and performance/watt.

Gaussian Convolution run on CPU-Only and on CPU+GPU

Data size: Appx. 80 by 80 UM, 10nm pixels

In 7U Rackmount Space CPU-Only CPU+GPU
Processor Cost Per 7U
Power Consumed Per 7U
Speed of eBeam Simulation
2.27 Units of Time
1.67 Units of Time
Hardware Configurations:
  • CPU-Only: 40 E5-2699 v4, a 22-core 2.8GHz CPUs
  • CPU+GPU: 14 Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3 2.6GHz CPUs 14 NVIDIA K-80 GPUs

D2S CDPs are deployed worldwide in a variety of manufacturing settings

Reliability is always a key concern for any computing platform. The clean-room proven D2S CDP keeps mission-critical production lines up and running, and minimizes costly downtime.

A computing platform with mean-time-between-failures and mean-time-to-repair good enough for the clean room is ready for any deployment in semiconductor manufacturing.

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