D2S is a supplier of GPU-acceleration solutions for semiconductor manufacturing. Leveraging the strength of GPUs for simulation of nature, image processing, and deep learning, the company develops innovative capabilities, particularly in model-based processing for nano-scale device manufacturing. D2S is the managing sponsor of the eBeam Initiative and a founding member of the Center for Deep Learning in Electronics Manufacturing (CDLe).

Executive Team

Aki Fujimura
Chairman & CEO
Leo Pang, Ph.D.
Chief Product Officer and Executive VP
Mike Meyer
VP Engineering, TrueMask®
Bill Guthrie
VP and GM of FPD Solutions
Mike Tucker
VP of Operations
Shone Lee
VP of GPU Platform Operations
Hideaki Hontao
D2S KK President
Yoshio Tanaka
VP, Business Dev. & Sales – Japan

D2S Board

Aki Fujimura
Mike Schuh
Independent Board Member

Japan Advisory Board

Jan Goodsell
InterPacific Solutions
Hideaki Hontao
Yoshio Tanaka